Mati Carbon announced its innovation sprint in AIM for Climate Summit at COP28, that we will be investing $50 Million* over the next 4-5 years in scaling up carbon removal through enhanced rock weathering in global south.

Mati Carbon’s mission is to enable climate resilience for smallholder farmers with ERW carbon removals. We are an operating entity of a US 501(c)(3) non profit. We have an unique model that impacts two of the most critical problems – Climate change and building resilience for smallholder farmers. Smallholder farms produce a third of the world’s food, and the global food demand is expected to increase by 60 percent by 2050. Meanwhile, climate change has already led to a 21 percent loss of agricultural productivity globally since 1961. Our model is a breakthrough as we are enabling smallholder farmers to benefit from the fast growing carbon removal industry in a sustainable and scalable way. We are also making our MRV and softwares scalable in a way that can be used with smallholder farmers globally.

We are also looking to address multiple UN SDGs in the process including supporting No Poverty, Zero Hunger,  Decent Work and Economic Growth,Climate Action,Life on Land and Life Below Water.

Our founder also participated in AIM for Climate’s panel “Creating the Farmers of Tomorrow, Growing the Farmers of Today” where he shared Mati’s mission, work done till now, potential and our scale up plans.


With 2023 coming to an end, we have only 250 gigatons of carbon budget left to reach the 1.5C target. We are still significantly underinvested to reach our 1.5C targets. We know that climate change is going to disproportionately impact agriculture, especially smallholder farmers. AIM for Climate’s initiative to push for increased investments is critical especially for the 500 million smallholder farmers and for global food security and is coming in at the right time – Shantanu Agrawal(Founder and CEO- Mati Carbon)

Watch Shantanu Agrawal, Founder and CEO of Mati Carbon, discuss the Innovation Sprint here.