Mati Carbon is excited to announce that it has signed a pre-purchase agreement with Frontier. Frontier is a distinguished carbon dioxide removal fund dedicated to supporting early-stage carbon removal projects that exhibit permanence, scalability, and durability for carbon dioxide removal. The $1B+ advance market commitment for permanent carbon dioxide under Frontier is led by Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, Meta, and McKinsey.

Mati Carbon is pioneering a unique business model for carbon dioxide removal using enhanced weathering in agricultural lands. Mati aims to provide robust carbon dioxide removal with a particular focus on providing agricultural and financial co-benefits to smallholder farmers in the Global South. Mati Carbon is an affiliate of the Swaniti Initiative, a 501(c)(3) US non-profit that has climate resilience in the Global South as one of its core focus areas among other international developmental priorities. Mati Carbon benefits from these non-profit principles to maximise value transfer to the farmer stakeholders.

Mati Carbon removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by spreading finely crushed silicate rock dust on agricultural fields. This practice is commonly referred to as enhanced rock weathering or ERW. The silicate rock dust reacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide in the agricultural soil where root respiration occurs. Through a series of reactions, the rock dust breaks down—or “weathers”—to resulting in dissolved inorganic carbon. These inorganic carbon products flow into rivers and eventually into the oceans where they are permanently stored for thousands of years. Mati Carbon optimizes this process so that it not only contributes to carbon dioxide removal but also offers significant co-benefits to smallholder farmers through crop productivity enhancement and cash incentives.

Mati’s approach to carbon removal is unique in being cost-effective, removing carbon with 10,000+ year permanence, utilizing existing infrastructure, and giving significant co-benefits to people who are most vulnerable to climate change. Mati has been conducting significant research on building robust MRV (monitoring, reporting, and verification) for the past two years and is building an in-house tech platform specifically suited to work with smallholder farmers.

Mati is collaborating with leading academic institutions such as the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture, the University of Sheffield, and Georgia Tech to advance research on enhanced rock weathering.

Mati Carbon is led by two-time climate-tech entrepreneur Shantanu Agrawal, a Harvard MBA graduate who has previously founded Susteara, a direct air capture company, and also serves as director at Swaniti Initiative (a non-profit in India that has impacted over 12 million lives) through its various initiatives.

Our collaboration with Frontier marks a significant milestone in our journey, bringing us closer to our goal of creating a lasting impact on solving the climate crisis. We are deeply grateful for the Frontier prepurchase and look forward to the positive change our combined efforts will bring.

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